Back at the Courtyard...

Dimitri has no time for such an amateur maneuver. He is known in the underground community as one of the highest growing investors of e-currency in the Robber Barons stock markets. Once the capitalist revolution is enacted, all the business plans users have been brewing online will hit the real life markets and Dimitri will be swimming in market shares. But for the time being, Dimitri is getting some strange looks from his new colleagues at the factory.

“Hello? What are you looking at in there?”

Evidently, Katya has been holding a one-sided conversation with him for quite some time.

Before Dimitri can answer, Body Comm monitors start to beep throughout the crowd. They’re alerted that their food has been metabolized at an optimum rate to begin working. Their devices send them all their respective tasks for the day, each completing a piece of collective labor. Dimitri’s task today was to manage supplies for the community factory.